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"Dr. David has helped me more than I can explain.  When I first visited him, I was so exhausted from my life that I hardly had the strength to ask for help.  Being a mom of two toddlers and working full-time in a high-stress job had taken its toll on my body and my mind.  After just one visit, I already felt immensely better.  Dr. David did some physical adjustments to my neck and hips that made me feel like I was able to walk straight and balanced for the first time since my pregnancies. He also introduced me to some dietary supplements that did wonders for my energy level...  Thank you Dr. David!" 

- Becky S

"I had my first experience with Dr. Kamnitzer at a Bernard Jensen celebration event, and the 30-minute session we had was one of the most powerful pieces of work I've done, and certainly the most powerful I've ever done in just 30 minutes.  I started out with a really bad migraine.  Dr. Kamnitzer seems to work with a combination of chiropractic, energy work, applied kinesiology, EFT and intuition, and it's not easy to describe exactly what he does...

At that event, Dr. Kamnitzer worked on people from all over the world, and I was able to see some of the other sessions he did.  Aside from my own session being so powerful, I was able to see that he used different techniques, and did different kinds of sessions, so that each one was very personalized.  I've experienced other chiropractors that just used a very cookie-cutter approach, and
I believe part of what makes Dr. Kamnitzer's work so impactful is that he really does go into each situation with an understanding that we are all unique.

If you have an opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend scheduling a session."

- Shana Frey
Nutritional Microscopist



"I am so fortunate and grateful to have Dr. David.  He always puts me back together with his adjustments and energy work and suggests the right supplements and diet changes.


He is truly an intuitive genius healing practitioner."

- Diana Davison



"When I sought help from Dr. David, I had been suffering from a low back injury for over two years.  I would spend several weeks out of the year in bed, unable to move.  Every minute of every day was impacted; I had sciatica down the length of my right leg and spent every day terrified of provoking another spasm.   I had spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic care; finally I had an MRI and found out that I had a slipped disc bulging into my spinal cord 6 millimeters.  My previous chiropractor recommended a treatment that cost $5,000; my doctor wanted to operate.  I believed that I was too young for surgery that would forever limit my flexibility; I was also frustrated by the expense of my care over the years. I believed in the body's ability to regenerate and heal, and wanted to find someone shared that belief.

Dr. David was that person.  The first time I saw him, he explained how basic movements I was making every day were augmenting my pain.  He taught me how to move in the world to keep the pain away.  Once the pain died down, he taught me to use muscles that had been frozen for years out of fear of causing a spasm. 
After just five months of working with him, I can walk again.  My sciatica is completely gone, and four out of five days are completely pain free.  When I have pain, it's very mild and he has taught me exercises to relieve it. Furthermore, I only see Dr. David once every two weeks, compared to the three times a week I had been seeing someone.  Dr. David's approach that I should live with the changes we work on, and work on building the necessary muscles on my own is not only empowering, but also saves me time and money.  I never would have believed at this point last year that I would feel this good."

- Jennifer


"I am grateful to have an opportunity to express my appreciation for how very well taken care of I feel when I visit Dr. David Kamnitzer!  He  is a real master of alternative healing methods and I am continually amazed by the plenitude of healing techniques that Dr. Kamnitzer utilizes, as well as his very caring focus during the treatment visit. His immense therapeutic knowledge is blended with acute perception and intuition, which makes for an authentic and perfect healing combination.  I am so happy that I have found Dr. David Kamnitzer, whom is a truly gifted healer.

 - Joanne L. 

"If you have the chance to work with David, grab that chance with all your might! David is one of those rare people who can listen, empathize and simply by virtue of his own energy begin to lift one up to a point of spontaneous healing. He's got an incredible way of making one feel connected not just to him, but to the greater good and to the good in humanity. Listening to him speak about his work, the admiration and sincere gratitude he has for the people he supports in healing along with those in his life one can feel the channel of love and healing he simply is. David doesn't "do" his work, he simply is healing. It's a blessing to call him friend and an honor to call him colleague."

- Cathleen C.



"I just wanted to let you know that my shoulder feels absolutely amazing!  … and movable for than ever in my life! … Now I have a shoulder that feels the way a shoulder is SUPPOSED to feel.  Thank you SO MUCH."

- Katie M.


Working with David has had a profound effect on my life and I am so grateful to have him as my spiritual mentor. His gift lies in asking the right questions - questions that are not judgmental but have helped me discover who I am.  He has an incredible ability to help me identify disempowering compensatory strategies I have been using to survive. Using the Transformation Change Process, I am learning to show up more and more in this world as the light that I am.  Not only that, I am beginning to see the light in people regardless of their behaviors or choices they make.  I am catching glimpses of what it means to live in pure LOVE with no judgment and to accept myself and others for who they truly are - love and light.  The greatest gift is sharing Dr. David's teachings with my family. As I show up as a more authentic mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, I am able to inspire others to do the same. Life doesn't get any better than that. Thank you Dr. David.

Christine Healy


Dear Dr.David,

It's been a long time for me to write you an email. We met at Stanford resturant last year. There are 3 of us Ladda, I myself Mook and my husband. We sat next to the table and you invited us for Italian ice-cream Gelato across the street.
We walk along there and have a conversation during Gelato.
My friend Ladda is practicing in healing as well. So, she asked you many question for me in term of my body.

You were the best, you fine tunning in me just 5 mins then you gave me an advice about how is my infertility problem. You told me that I don't have enough nutrition in my infertility system. If I believe in you and follow your instruction I will have a baby in next Spring or Summer 2011. Of course I am a buddhist and I have been chanting to have a right doctor to tell me what is going on with my body. I experiences miscarriaged twice last 2 years.
So, I need to get the right doctor. So, I met you. We met you.
You were recommended me to take herbs Shilajit and Maca with raw milk. So, I did follow you instruction. Since then I travel to visit my family in November my hometown Thailand. Next day we arrive to Bangkok, Sanya's aunty asked us to meet with the Chinese doctor. That mystic one more time that we never ask or tell our aunty what is in our situation. We take action by go visit the doctor. The doctor told us the same as you. He prescription the chinese herbs to clainsing my body as well as Sanya. A month later I have to return back to US in mid Dec,2010. He prescribted us then herbs for nutious my infertility system. So, I took Maca as the same time with chinese herbs until End of March 2011.

Good news now I'm pregnant for 17 weeks. I am so happy how wonderful that I met you and the chinese doctor. I am sure that because of I am practicing buddhism for myself and others that why I met the right doctor as a protector who can help me.

Now, I tell my friend who has a problem about infertility problem. One of them is Indian lady. her name is Shruti Gupta. She lives in San Carlos same as me. So, I gave your information and office for her to visit you.

I am sure that you will heal her and fine tuning for her.

I knew that you are very kind to treat me with your hospitality. I am so thankful.

I appreciated and you and family are always in my pray.


Mook and Sanya.

It is my great pleasure to write this recommendation for Dr David Kamnitzer.   I have found Dr Kamnitzer to be one of the most knowledgeable doctors I know.  I have consulted with him regarding various health and nutrition questions for several years and have always been impressed with his depth of knowledge, responsiveness and genuine caring.  Dr Kamnitzer has earned my trust and utmost respect.   Sincerely,


Cindi Rosse.



I have been under Dr. David Kamnitzer's care for almost 15 years.  Currently I see him once per month to keep my body and mind in balance.  I have also been treated by him after being involved in a few car accidents where I was rear ended.  Dr. David is an amazing chiropractor, spiritual healer, and mentor.  He has helped heal me of both physical and emotional issues.  He is very knowledgeable in the techniques he uses, as well as with nutrituional information.  I always look forward to my visits with Dr. David because I know that I will leave feeling better than when I walked in the door.  I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking help for their body and mind!

Fallon Wong



"I work as a Graphic Designer and Photographer so I spend a lot of my time at a computer
Dr. David’s sessions give me back myself. 

He is gentle, intuitive and EFFECTIVE!
He is able to detect what is wrong with me without me even saying anything or pointing anything out.

I also appreciate that he stays on top of all the latest and greatest developments in the health and healing world so that he can pass his knowledge on to his patients.

Thanks so much for all of the years you have helped me. I am truly grateful that I found you.


Randie Marlow"


David Kamnitzer is a brilliant intuitive healer who is deeply versed in both the science and art of healing.  He operates from the foundation of all being related, and so "symptoms" and "conditions" become identified and handled at their deepest origin.  He is particularly attuned to work with those who are already "working" with themselves and are proactively seeking health in all domains and all levels.

Steve Bhaerman


Dr. David's work touched me in every aspect of my life and I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. Though I went to him for support in healing from major blunt force trauma to my head, I learned much about myself and about the very nature of healing that has proved invaluable far beyond the level of physical well being. And, on that level, my head is better than it was before my injury!

Nathaniel Evans

"After leaving a stressful career, I began to search refuge from my physical and emotional pain. My prayers were answered by Dr. David's unconditional and honest care for me, through holistic expertise and spiritual guidance. With the use of pure essential oils and energy work, I no longer need prescription medication for my allergies or sleep issues."

Lori Field


Dr David Kamnitzer is one of the most forward thinking progressive chiropractors I have come in contact with in recent times.   He is caring and always focused on optimal patient outcome. 

Dr. Steven Schwartz DC
President of ASA Technologies
Founder / owner of Bioharmonic Technologies

In just 3 months time, Dr. David has become a powerful force in my world.  His guidance and wisdom have helped me change how I think and, in turn, how I conduct my life. The life changing questions he has taught me are inquiries everybody should ask themselves: Do you have your past? or does your past have you? Do you have your feelings? or do your feelings have you?  Understanding the difference, while it hasn't been easy, allows me to live a calmer, less judgmental life, personally and professionally.  Although I met Dr. David by chance, I know it was meant to be and for that moment and him, I'm grateful.



My personal coaching testimony for David Kamnitzer goes like this; I know David only through Facebook.  I watch his posts and ensure his words are in my news feed.  I have been fortunate to find great leaders in my life, who have given value to my spiritual, mental and emotional growth through various means.  David reflected incredibly insightful wisdom in my opinion and that's what attracted me to his Facebook feeds.

We began speaking through chats about some ideas we had for a mutual business we are in.  Simultaneously, I began having some challenges I was struggling with and I reached out to see if I felt David could help me.  Through a few short notes I was convinced, he could guide me well.  It took a couple of days, but I reached out, got a coaching session with him and it was very powerful.  I felt so at ease right away.  I didn't feel like I had to hold anything back about my challenge, to the contrary I wanted to give full disclosure and his coaching was absolutely dead on.  He's very intuitive and gave me guidance that allowed me to, "right my ship" very quickly.

I would highly recommend David's life-coaching and contribution in your life.  Before we hung up he made sure he told me he loved me, and guess what, I believe him.



I hope you find this truth I wrote enjoyable!

KNOWING you are having an incredible day.


Laura Scholtz

Letter of thanks:

27 April 2013

Dear Dr David,

Thank you for your powerful teachings and fierce compassion.  I am very grateful for having spent the last 12 weeks with you.  You guided me through the elaborate matrix my Ego had created as a method for avoiding the domination of Ego.  This avoidance had caused my spiritual practice to plateau last year resulting in feelings of "stuckness",  sadness and futility.  Many will know my malady by the term "spiritual bypassing".  My sense now is this is a phrase often used but not well understood by the Heart.  Ego can't ever "Know" it and will only use it for its own purposes anyway.

With your guidance I uncovered my core delusions that I was Being and how it was impacting on every area of my life.  The velocity of the healing that occurred in 12 short weeks is impressive. This is one of your signature traits and something I value deeply as I'm sure almost all of your patients and students.  Who wants to spend years in therapy??  Not I!  I was ready to Know Truth and you were the perfect Guide! 

During our 12 weeks together not only did you help me to realise the vicious circle I was Being, you also helped me to:
- get back in touch with my emotions and feelings
- get back into my body
- get me out of my Head centre and return balance to all three centres (Head, Heart and Gut)
- improve my posture and nutrition
- remember the things that resonate with my Joy
- start to seriously consider my Purpose, Gifts and Talents and how I can best serve the world.

All of the above I consider to have been a loving act of disease prevention.  My Higher Self knew that if my energetic and emotional issues continued on unchecked, a major health scare (or worse) would be in the cards for me.  Working closely together with you and your 37 years of wisdom and knowledge in the areas of depth psychology, non-dualism, radical transformation and natural healing was very rewarding to say the least. 

I very feel blessed and privileged to know you.

Thank you!




The journey with Dr. David began when I had a frozen shoulder with pains that extended down my chest and arm.  I had been told that it looked like surgery may be the only solution.     I was 57 years old, about 40 lbs overweight, had test that indicated my liver was highly toxic and lived a lifestyle that numbed my sense that the Golden Years were going to be short and painful.

I went to see Dr. Kamnitzer after  another practitioner advised a Chiropractor may be of help.   I was reluctant because of some past experience with Chiropractors but he came highly recommended by a trusted friend. 

I was impressed by “Dr David’s” direct, methodical,  appropriate, and intelligent  approach.  He used Kinesiology and gentle Chiropractic adjustments along with some investigation into my limiting beliefs and history coupled with NLP.  By the end of my first visit,  I was able to painlessly move my shoulder! 

For the first time in years, I felt hopeful.  We came up with a plan to continue the improvement.  He recommended herbs to tonify my liver and suggested that if I wanted to lose some weight, a cleansing and nourishing food program to do that. 

By the fall of that year, I had dropped 40 lbs., 4 dress sizes and felt younger than I did at 50!

From that point forward, I wanted to know everything Dr. David knew! 

I have been able to maintain and improve my physical and emotional health in my ongoing relationship as a patient, student, and friend of Dr. Kamnitzer.
I would highly recommend Dr. David’s no BS,  yet gentle approach to anyone who is sincerely looking for answers!

With Gratitude

Kathy Bibby


I came to see Dr. David because I was feeling lethargic and sick.  He immediately zoned in on what was going on (without any expensive tests!) He then examined my spine, sinuses, chest, and liver and suggested I ingest Chaga drops for increased immunity and energy.  I followed his advice, and within a day or two felt much more energized and healthy. Dr. David has also counseled me regarding nutrition and healthy eating habits.
I highly recommend Dr. David for anyone who is experiencing not only back pain, but also looking for overall body stability. Dr. David takes time to listen to what I am experiencing and examine me thoroughly to determine the best course of action.

-- Loren Schiller

"I met Dr. Kamnitzer informally at a time when I was experiencing insomnia from jet lag, and feeling very badly. In less than five minutes, Dr. Kamnitzer understood and corrected my energetic imbalance. I immediately felt  more grounded and clear. That evening, I slept soundly for the first night since the jet lag had begun, and woke rested."

-- Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND



Dear Dr. Kamnitzer,

I’m writing to thank you from the depths of my heart for your adamant and continuing support on my healing journey of the past 7 years.

Your expertise and knowledge of  gentle, natural ways to support my body, mind and spirit  to heal on a permanent level has been nothing short of genius. 

My deepest gratitude for your precision, love and caring.

Kathy Bibby


From Brandy C:

After my fist visit I already knew that this man was going to help me change my life in the most amazing ways....he works with you on not only a physical/chiropractic level, but an emotional and spiritual level, helping you to see  where there are blockages in your physical/emotional energy, or limiting thoughts that you have conditioned yourself to believe that are holding you back from living the life you really want to live..

It was amazing how much he could tell me about myself that i hadn't realized...and every session I complete ( I have had four so far)  I have such a deeper sense of who I really am (not whom I've trained  myself to believe that I am) and where my life is going, but in such a positive empowered way it's just really have to go see him to really understand what he can do for you.,,,,trust me you will not be disappointed! 

From Lori F:

Little did I know that Dr. David is no ordinary chiropractor!

During my first visit, Dr. David gently aligned my spine and introduced me to therapeutic oils to bring my body back to a balanced state. I felt as though I was floating on air, feeling and breathing better than I ever had before. I knew then I wanted to learn more about Dr. David and his holistic approach to health and wellness. So I bought a package of visits.

Not only has Dr. David healed my physical ailments with chiropractic techniques, oils and energy work, he has healed my spirit and exposed the infinite love and light that I am! Heavy, I know. I cannot adequately describe the "magic" of his practice. I urge you to see him and experience it for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised. I have since purchased my own set of oils and have learned techniques to healing myself and my family without harmful drugs. Have faith, Dr. David is the key to unlocking your true self and eternal joy, health and happiness!

From Rick R:

Insightful, Inspiring, and full of Integrity that's my experience of Dr. David Kamnitzer.  He's an expert on transformation on many levels.  He knows the human body and has vast knowledge of nutrition and the natural healing properties of nutritional foods.  He is an expert on personal growth and development and has insight that if you really listen to will change the way you think about your thoughts, your beliefs and your life.  If you have the good fortune of seeing him for healing do make the most of your encounter and listen closely to everything he has to share.



Dr. David has been working with me for several months now. I find his refined intuitive sense, deep caring, and superlative use of corrective skills are getting results for me in body, mind and spirit that far exceed my expectations. I feel fortunate to have Dr. David as a key player on my wellness team.

-- Heidi (Massage Therapst)

Dear Dr. David Kamnitzer & all concerned,

I was just at Dr. David’s new clinic and he worked wonders on me.

For those of you who don’t know Dr. David, he is a Holistic Chiropractic Care Practitioner, so he specializes in spinal manipulation, soft tissue work, energy balancing and neuro-muscular re-patterning.  On top of that he knows all about nutrition, EFT, and Cell phone issues.

I don’t know what all that stuff means exactly, however I do know the results.

In one session lasting less than 40 minutes, he gave me a very thorough and painless evaluation, and helped me FEEL a lot better...right away!

Kind of like a mind/body tune-up.  My back was out of alignment and one shoulder had an issue, among other things.  After Dr. David asked me some questions and worked on me I felt way better right away. It didn’t hurt and I feel great.  He also gave me some ideas on improving my protein intake and other nutritional support.  It was my pleasure working with him.  If I get any other issues I will definitely have Dr. David help me again.

So if you have some issues that you think could use some help or just think you could use a tune-up, you may not even know where to start, give Dr. David a chance to heal you – you will be very happy you did.  Besides all of his knowledge and experience he is a very kind and friendly person who cares about all of us.

Kind Regards,
Brad Bennett

"Dr. David is truly a gifted practitioner. I went in for chiropractic work and got so much more.  Dr. David is highly intuitive and his energy medicine work that has touched me on a very deep level.  He so pricisely tapped into my needs and provided a safe space in which much healing occured.  I have made visits to Dr. David a regular part of my health regime--for both body and spirit."

-- Nicole Kahn, MFT

Dr david has helped me immensely. I have been to many chiropractors in my life, but he is truly unique and his treatment is incredible. Dr. David isolated the true source of my pain and discomfort and within a few weeks I am totally pain free!  His combined use of energy work, muscle testing and chiropractic adjustments, along with stretching exercises he prescribed for me, have been the secrets to my success. He is a gifted and talented healer.

Thank you Dr. David!

Paul Kahn
Spa Director / Webmaster / Owner
Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa and Wellness Center

I have been a patient of Dr. David Kamnitzer for 14 years.  Dr. Kamnitzer is a very clear healer.  He is precise, forthright, gentle and kind.  Dr. Kamnitzer is quick to see what is "out of sorts" or clearly "not working" for me or my highest good.  He can see which part of my body is affected by my thoughts and feelings.  Without me saying one word, he will go directly to what needs help.  He immediately knows what part of my body, mind and spirit needs direction and healing. 

Dr. Kamnitzer gently helps you to see what thoughts and movements are not working for "your highest good".  He has helped me on many levels to heal and let go of past thoughts and beliefs that keep me "stuck".  He helps you to create a more positive frame of mind and thought process.  From this, you can more easily make new decisions to move out of "old patterns" that do not serve you. You can lead a brighter and more healthy life style through his healing.


Jessica Ryon-Rueppel
Interior Expressions



Kathy Bibby's Success Story

I reluctantly went to see Dr. David Kamnitzer after my Rolfer determined that the pains in my neck which I had for years were structural. I was reluctant because I had been to alternative medical professionals as well as mainstream doctors in the past to no avail. Although hesitant, I thought I'd try one last time to get some relief.

At the initial treatment, Dr. Kamnitzer focused on the areas of my neck that were giving me extraordinary pain and began the process of relieving the pain that day. Prior to going to see Dr. Kamnitzer, I had been diagnosed with a stagnant liver. Although I didn't mention this at the initial exam, he discovered the issue! He proceeded to prescribe the use of Cholacol II (bowel cleansing) from Standard Process and Envirazon (liver detox) from Amazon Herb Company and placed LifeWave patches on acupuncture points for the liver to aid in the detoxification process. He was also able to identify and relieve an old infection which I thought was a toothache.

Towards getting my system to detoxify, Dr. Kamnitzer also recommended I get a Chi machine to aid my lymphatic system and the use of a dry skin brush to open up the skin to eliminate toxins. I made the decision to follow through with his direction to see what would happen. I was completely taken by the fact that my body reacted so quickly. For the first time in years, I was beginning to feel good. Through these successes, I began to take a more proactive attitude towards my own health.

In the next phase of treatment, Dr. Kamnitzer suggested the Fat Flush Plan if I wanted to lose a few pounds. As I read through the plan, I began to understand that the source of many of my issues was an unhealthy liver. I made a commitment to do a major turn around. I thought that the golden years meant that being round and having no energy was just a fact of life. Four weeks later, I had lost 18 lbs and 7.25" total. Not only had I lost 2 dress sizes, my energy level was better than ever! I was also able to sleep without aids and was experiencing a sense of calmness that I've never had.

With all these changes, as Dr. Kamnitzer stated, came mental and spiritual adjustments as well. To that end, he has provided tremendous spiritual and mental support. He has taught me that I am what I'm looking for!

I feel that all of us are seeking what Dr. Kamnitzer is offering. His creative approach in combining and incorporating the best of innovative technologies, nutrition, ancient medicines as well as the mental and spiritual aspects of healing, has given me the gift of truly experiencing the whole picture in the healing process.

Mary Jo Aloi's Success Story

a patient and homeopath

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Kamnitzer to improve my health. His wide range of knowledge of techniques and his skill combined with his healing presence, clear intention to help and support and his strong intuitive sense give him a unique ability to take me as deep as I am willing to go to resolve physical, emotional and spiritual blocks in my life. As an alternative medical practitioner myself, I have a deep respect for Dr. Kamnitzer's gifts.

I look forward to our sessions for the state of peace and well being that I often experience as a result of having my energy flowing more freely and to the increased clarity about my own true nature which I realize far more powerfully from our sessions than I do on my own. Dr. Kamnitzer's work with me has been profound and transformative and I am forever grateful.

Ruth Browning's Success Story

As told by Ruth Browning, Campbell, CA

In July of 1996, I went to my medical doctor after losing 8 dress sizes and 50 pounds without trying. I had been diagnosed with "foggy brain" syndrome, heart palpitations and insomnia. I also had a loss of appetite, chronic constipation and more.

After a battery of tests had been run, which came back negative, the doctor decided that I was depressed and prescribed anti-depressants. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed as bi-polar because I had serotonin syndrome from an overdose of Paxil. Subsequently, I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for observation and to have my medication determined and stabilized.

Upon my discharge from the hospital, I was under psychiatric care and was prescribed Paxil (anti-depressant), Lithium (medication for manic-depressives), Klonopin (for anti-anxiety and tranquilizer), and Ambien (sleeping pills). Needless to say, I was a walking zombie. After receiving professional help from a certified licensed psychologist teamed with a psychiatrist I successfully withdrew from the above medication. Some of the symptoms I was having when diagnosed as depressed and bipolar returned about 8 months after I stopped taking the prescribed medication.

Working With Dr. Kamnitzer

This time when the symptoms occurred, I consulted with my chiropractor David Kamnitzer, D.C. Not only is he an accomplished chiropractor using the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), but also knowledgeable in the area of nutrition. Prior to consulting him, I was under the care of a herbalist. After 18 months of trying to cure my ailments with herbs, I stopped because I felt worse.

One day when I was in Dr. David Kamnitzer's office for an adjustment, I told him that some of my symptoms were returning. I was very fatigued, had "foggy brain syndrome", trouble with my appetite and sleeping at night. I asked him if he could help me maintain my goal of a healthy lifestyle and he agreed.

After running a wide variety of inexpensive and non-invasive tests, Dr. Kamnitzer determined that I had several imbalances: An anaerobic imbalance, a parasympathetic imbalance, a glucogenic imbalance, and hypoglycemia.

Solutions for Living Healthy

After filling out the necessary paper work, checking sources, and determining the appropriate approach, Dr. Kamnitzer recommended some supplements to take that targeted my symptoms. He also recommended that I change my diet. Within one week, the "foggy brain syndrome" was gone, within two weeks, the hypoglycemia was being managed and my body was digesting food better than it had been in years. I do not have heart palpitations anymore. I now sleep very soundly without aids and have a healthy appetite.

Dr. David Kamnitzer has been my doctor for almost 4 years. Prior to meeting him I had worked with other B.E.S.T. doctors. I have been choosing B.E.S.T. chiropractic care for my family for the last 10 years over conventional chiropractors and find Dr. David Kamnitzer to be an exemplary doctor of the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) with a lot of information on nutrition. I highly recommend and trust him for all of my family's chiropractic and nutritional needs.

Ruth Browning

To me, Dr. David is an advanced soul...very aware and guided by Spirit.  His gift of intuition and reading energy seems to know where blockages are before they turn into physical symptoms.  I have generally good health most likely because I have been a patient of Dr. David's since 1997.  I am very intuitive and self aware myself...I notice whenever I have dreams or an awareness of any issues I am going through, Dr. David always seems to tune in and address exactly what I had been thinking about without me even sharing my issues.  He is very talented.  He helps me know myself better.  Thank you, Dr. David!

Deedra W.

"I've been seeing Dr. David for about eight years   He has helped me with various issues including: overcoming anxiety and depression, healing family relationships,  and resolving many limiting beliefs that got in the way of me experiencing joy.  Since my kids have been born, he has helped them with food sensitivities, sleep and emotional issues, common childhood ailments, and nutritional guidance for our whole family.  We have definitely gotten more results with David than our medical doctors.  He is a true blessing in our lives. "

Rosario Z

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