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Available Services



We understand that everyone has unique needs and interests when looking for a chiropractor.  For this reason, we've created three unique services to address the needs of our current and future customers.



Fundamental Chiropractic includes a thorough chiropractic evaluation and correction of all structural misalignments. These can impact not only structural function, but also the nervous system and full-body performance. Some soft-tissue work may be included to assist the ease and effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment


Fundamental Chiropractic





Chiropractic Plus includes all elements of Fundamental Chiropractic and, in addition, assessment and balancing (or recommendations designed to help balance) the following: breathing and movement patterns, organs, glands, and your (now scientifically proven) electromagnetic field. This level of care is ideal for people interested in better handling their chronic stress.



Chiropractic Plus





In addition to Chiropractic Plus, this level of care includes both clearing and coaching work. Very often, blockages to increased well-being involve energy and thought patterns that are very difficult to discover and deal with on your own.


Dr. David uses a blend of cutting-edge methods to quickly identify and handle the challenges, and open up new possibilities for increased health, happiness, and effectiveness in life. This level of care is appropriate for people ready to go deeper into some of the root causes of their health challenges.



Comprehensive Wellness Enhancement


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