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Chiropractors are very unique in nature and have different strengths, values, and overall philosophies for providing patients with a quality experience. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the way Dr. David services his customers.

Frequently Asked Questions



Do you accept insurance?

We take insurance in the following situations:

a) Personal Injury auto cases where the patient has Med Pay


b) Personal Injury auto cases where the OTHER party's insurance

    company has admitted fault for both the accident and for bodily injuries


c) Major Medical insurance once insurance has been verified.  The patient

    is responsible for all deductibles and co-payments.

How often should I be seeing Dr. David?


This can vary greatly depending on many factors.  Dr. David does not

put people on generic programs of any length.  His objective is to be your

health and wellness guide and partner, and wants to see you in the office

as little as possible while still getting the job done.


That being said, unless there has a been a recent accident, he rarely 

needs to see a patient more than twice a week.  Visit frequency is typically

reduced as healing unfolds and the patient is empowered to be more active

in the healing process.


Once we have met our goals for our initial set of treatements, we can evaluate

what the best next steps will be for your specific case.  Many patients insist on returning on a periodic basis for wellness support and preventative maintenance,

much like you would visit the Dentist, and that is competely optional.

What makes Dr. David different?

Dr. David's uniqueness is in his breadth and depth of integrated knowledge

regarding health and human beings, combined with his deep gifts as a 

natural healer and teacher.


Also, Dr. David is profoundly committed to his patients' well-being and providing

each patient with a completely individualized and dynamic treatment plan.



Lastly, Dr. David's extensive tenure: 30 years as a doctor and 

42 years in the healing arts is invaluable.

Where can I visit Dr. David?

Dr. David's main office is in San Jose, CA.  He is there on Tuesdays and Fridays.

He also sees patients on Mondays and most Thursdays at Pacific Naturopathic in

Mountain View, CA.  He is in Belmont, CA every other Wednesday.


He is also available for health consultations and coaching for people all

over the world via internet and telephone.

How long is a session with Dr. David?


First visits vary between 20 minutes and one hour, and include consultation, examination, and treatment time.  Most subsequent visits are between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the nature of the problem and type of care selectedWellness Coaching sessions can be longer.

Why do people visit Dr. David?


People visit Dr. David with several health concerns and interests.  Common presenting concerns include


  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headache

  • Sleep and Focus Challenges

  • Low Energy

  • Digestive Complaints

  • Immune Challenges

  • Extra Weight and Fat

  • Burnout

  • Just not "feeling right"


Common presenting interests include


  • Peak Physical and Mental Performance

  • More Control over the Aging Process

  • Increased Energy

  • Getting and Staying Alkaline

  • Optimal Individualized Nutrition and Cleansing Programs

  • Natural Approaches to Current Challenges

For any additional questions, please Contact Us or call Dr. David directly at 858 204 3092

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